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Saint Barth: Champagne produced in Montheleon in the 51530 Champagne department, they are among the few Champagnes to be made only from native French grapes and for this reason the production of bottles is very limited. Saint Barth Champagnes represent a true luxury among wines, a rarity for a few. A Cellar and one of the most sought after, exclusive and precious brands.

Enoteca d'Autore reserves the opportunity to purchase Saint Barth Ouanalao Champagnes on promotion with a 10% discount. Don't miss it, it's an offer reserved for only 30 customers, given the very limited production and the limited stocks available in the warehouse.

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St.Barth Ouanalao Brut Tradition Champagne AOC is the emblem of French wine excellence! Known for its unmistakable quality, this delicious wine is an explosion of authentic and refined flavors that satisfy the most demanding palates. The Chardonnay, Pinot Noir and Pinot Meunier grapes are grown with extreme care, selected with great attention and skilfully processed by the St.Barth Ouanalao winery. The result? A lively and elegant bubble that will give unforgettable sensations. No matter the occasion: the Brut réserve of St.Barth Ouanalao is perfect for important convivial situations, especially if accompanied by delicious aperitifs and fish and fried delicacies. Whether you want to give the best to yourself or surprise friends and family with an exclusive taste experience, this AOC Champagne is the ideal creative product. Don't wait any longer, let yourself be inebriated by the sparkling bubbles and the unmistakable flavor of St.Barth Ouanalao Brut Tradition Champagne AOC!

Champagne AOC Brut rosé from St.Barth Ouanalao. If you are looking for an explosive experience for your palate, look no further! The Champagne AOC Brut rosé by St.Barth Ouanalao is a real explosion of flavours, aromas and sensations. This sip is the elegant expression of a winery that knows its craft and has transformed the Chardonnay, Pinot Noir and Pinot Meunier grapes with attention and care to produce a wine that does not disappoint expectations.

We know the world of wine can be intimidating, but this creative product is anything but shy! Its liveliness, its fruity aromas and its rounded taste will make your palate enraptured by oenological prowess. Go big and try the Champagne AOC Brut rosé from St.Barth Ouanalao: you will feel the charm and flavor of the Monthelon terroir like never before!

Brut Tradition Champagne AOC St.Barth Ouanalao has created a unique product with its Brut Tradition Champagne AOC. Its Blanc de Blancs is a true marvel of flavor, packed with fruity notes and a fresh aroma that will make you feel like you're sipping a glass in a French vineyard.

The winery has chosen the best Chardonnay grapes to produce this champagne, working carefully to ensure maximum attention to every stage of the production process. The result is a white brut that surprises with its refined taste, perfect for accompanying fish dishes or enjoying alone as a classy aperitif.

Let yourself be advised by those who are passionate about wine, its aromas and taste. Choose from Enoteca d'Autore!

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