Ron Zacapa Rum

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Ron Zacapa is synonymous with fine aged rums, among the best in the world. Produced in Guatemala from rich raw materials, they have the prestige of aging on the heights of Quetzatenango at over two thousand meters above sea level. It is also thanks to this stay in the so-called "house above the clouds" that Zacapa rums acquire a refined organoleptic profile with original and inimitable scents.
Zacapa is the first aged rum in history: born from the desire to produce a different rum from the others in circulation, white, it stands out with its dark color which has made it recognizable, appreciated and famous all over the world.
The Guatemalan territory, thriving with sugar cane, offers a delicious 'virgin honey' which, together with the yeast extracted from pineapples, is one of the precious ingredients that contributes to the quality of Zacapa rum. Overseeing every step of the production is Lorena Vasquez, one of only three female Master Blanders, a world expert in rum.
Five days of fermentation and years of aging at high altitude, in handcrafted white oak barrels that contained Bourbon and Sherry, are the steps of a process that takes place according to the Solera method: barrels arranged in a pyramid that contain the youngest Zacapa rum at the top and at the base the older one, at least 25 years old. From them we obtain a unique rum in terms of quality and scents: complex, deep, balanced, extraordinary. All of this is Zacapa rum.