Marchesi Frescobaldi

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Marchesi Frescobaldi is one of the most prestigious Italian wineries in Tuscany. For generations it has interpreted the variegated and fruitful terroir of the region with prestigious labels, the result of seven hundred years of experience in the oenological field. The Tuscan scenario that forms the backdrop to the Frescobaldi family's fortunes has also been profoundly influenced from a winemaking point of view: the first cultivations of Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, Pinot Noir and Chardonnay were rooted in Tuscan soil thanks to the vision of Marchesi Frescobaldi, who identified the right context for experimentation in the Nipozzano and Pomino estates, not far from Florence.

The primates of the winery are not limited to the vineyards: in the winery, they were the first to use, for example, gravity gravity racking. Pioneers of important innovations, the Marchesi Frescobaldi winemakers have made the winery an important reference point for quality wine production. The activity has expanded hand in hand with the acquisition of new estates in which to experiment with advanced and innovative productions in the different Tuscan terroirs, keeping a fixed eye on the strong traditions of the place. The CastelGiocondo estate is located in Montalcino, where the cultivation of Sangiovese gives rise to some of the most important Brunello di Montalcino labels in the Marchesi Frescobaldi collection. Other estates are located in places chosen for their vocation and are the origin of labels that offer high tasting experiences.

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