Giacomo Conterno

It was exactly 1900 when the Giacomo Conterno winery was founded in Monforte d'Alba. The knowledge inherited from the family of wine-growers materialized in the creation of the first bottle of Barolo as early as 1912: this was an exception at the time, when the wine was still sold in barrels or demijohns. The label symbolizes the victory of a challenge carried out with courage and ambition and the beginning of a path aimed at making great Barolo wines.

In 1934 Giacomo Conterno celebrated the family business with the production of Barolo Monfortino, an extraordinary wine that seals the qualities of terroir and a production studied in every detail. A few years later the properties extended to cover 14 hectares of land that also fall in the territory of Serralunga d'Alba: here the Nebbiolo and Barbera grapes find the natural habitat that best expresses their qualities. The care applied to the vines and in the cellar transforms the qualities of the grapes into Piedmontese red wines of enchanting value.

When the raw materials are naturally rich in thickness, transforming them into wine does not require forcing: this ability implies extrapolating from the fruit the best they offer, without alteration. The validity of this production philosophy is demonstrated by the undisputed excellence of Giacomo Conterno wines, known and appreciated in Italy and the rest of the world.