Louis Latour Burgundy wines

Maison Louis Latour is one of the most prestigious wineries in Burgundy and its wine collection is a true oenological treasure. Among the many varieties of wines produced by the cellar, the wines that we present as absolute novelties in the...

Panfarcito of Sicily

Panfarcito and Panettone of Sicily. Discover best gourmet artisanal confectionery products with pistachio creams, bitters and many others sicilian creams. 

Scoccia Amari Spirits Selection by CMB 2023

Bitters Spirits Selection by CMB 2023 Scoccia bitters won the gold and silver medal in the bitters category, thanks to its perfect combination of natural ingredients, one of a kind. Scoccia Karat and Scoccia Calaminta: gold and silver medals