Azienda Agricola G. Milazzo

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The Winery Agricola G. Milazzo is a family business established in the heart of Sicily for over one hundred and fifty years. Not only wines: the interest in nature with its fascinating rhythms has turned into dedication to agriculture and its precious fruits, to be transformed into products that enclose the flavors of the earth in a single essence.

With more than seventy hectares cultivated in what was once the Baronia di Ravanusa, the Milazzo winery is the protagonist of the Sicilian oenological rebirth: first experiments on native Sicilian grape varieties and then the recovery of the local wine tradition have helped to raise the regional wine culture to the levels of other important Italian regions. Last, but not least, the challenge to create a Sicilian sparkling wine at the level of the best Metodo Classico labels.

In the modern Milazzo cellars, excellent wines are produced that demonstrate how attention to quality while respecting nature, combined with strong commitment and courage, allows us to achieve high quality standards and to successfully establish ourselves on the national wine scene.