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Tenuta dell'Ornellaia is an emblem of oenological quality, a protagonist in the area of Bolgheri, where it has been writing the history of Italian wine since 1981. The stages of this journey, born from Ludovico Antinori's visionary intuition to plant Bordeaux wines in Tuscany, are marked by a meticulous analysis of every step towards supreme excellence.

Each year the grapes are harvested only at the best time for the harvest and then, if they pass the strict selection, they are vinified separately using the most appropriate techniques for each plot. The final blend is composed of the base wines aged for a year in casks and then blended with respect for their innate characteristics.

The estate's vineyards lie at the foot of the Bolgheri hills, just a few kilometres from the sea. Each Ornellaia wine is an authentic expression of the terroir, heterogeneous by nature and inclined to offer unique and distinctive red and white varieties. The precision and accuracy in carrying out every stage of the production process, from cultivation to bottling, is at the basis of Tenuta dell'Ornellaia's production philosophy and its ability to create labels renowned for their elegance and sensuality. It is no coincidence that Ornellaia wines are counted among the best wines in the world.