Frappato 2022

- Sicilia

Frappato 2022
Frappato 2022

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Frappato Sicilia DOC is a red wine from the Acate (RG) area in Sicily. It is here that the Planeta company breeds Frappato grapes with particular attention to quality to obtain a wine with an authentic flavour. Articulate and lively, the red Frappato excites the senses when paired with structured first courses, cheeseburgers, pizza, fresh cheese, mushroom and onion soup.

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Data sheet

ClassificationSicilia DOC
AreaAcate (RG)
Grape VarietyFrappato
SizeStandard (75 cl)
Serving temperature14-16 °C
Pairingprimi piatti strutturati, cheeseburger, pizza, formaggi freschi, zuppa di funghi e cipolle.

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Planeta Frappato is a soft, full-bodied red wine that offers red fruit aromas with balsamic tones on the palate. It stands out for its extraordinary versatility in food pairings: from classic dishes such as Amatriciana, spaghetti alla Bolognese or lasagne, to more contemporary ones such as cheeseburgers and pizza. It is magnificent with fresh, soft cheeses and very addictive, in the evening, with vegetable soups, such as mushroom and onion soup. A synthesis of tradition and trend, Frappato releases typically floral fragrances of rose, citrus and red fruit. It is slightly spicy and has a ruby red colour with purple tones. It can be drunk immediately or after ageing for 2 to 3 years, following its evolution. It is recommended to be served at a temperature between 14 and 16°C. Planeta's Frappato comes from a rather rare grape variety on the Vittoria estate, where the fine, light red sands and the Mediterranean maquis ecosystem favour the exclusive production of wines that well represent the identity of this land.

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