Sassicaia 2015

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Sassicaia 2015
Sassicaia 2015

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Sassicaia Tenuta San Guido wine is the label to show off in convivial occasions based on red meats and aged cheeses. The Cabernet-Sauvignon and Cabernet Franc grapes that grow in Bolgheri (LI) welcome the precious qualities of the terroir to return them in a sip of harmonious and characteristic Bolgheri Sassicaia DOC wine that pleases even the most demanding palates. 

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Data sheet

ProducerTenuta San Guido
ClassificationBolgheri Sassicaia DOC
AreaBolgheri (LI)
Grape VarietyCabernet-Sauvignon e Cabernet franc
SizeStandard (75 cl)
Serving temperature18/20° C
PairingCarni rosse e formaggi stagionati

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Considered the best wine in the world according to the authoritative international magazine Wine Spectator, Sassicaia 2015 is the result of one of the best harvests of the last twenty years. Previously, Sassicaia 1988 had entered the top 10 of the same ranking drawn up in 1991, stopping halfway through.

The highly prized Cabernet-Sauvignon and Cabernet franc grapes have thrived in the vineyards of the Bolgheri lands in perfect soil and climate conditions, which have embellished their essence to the point of ripening them to an optimal level.

In the cellar, the vinification process has followed the usual ritual that for Bolgheri Sassicaia DOC takes place with care and slowness: after the maceration of the grapes and the fermentation of the must, the wine ages two years in French oak barriques before being labelled as Sassicaia from Tenuta San Guido and then rests for a while longer in the bottle to give itself to the palate of its passionate tasters.

Sassicaia 2015 is a boast for all Italian oenology, the latest example of a collection of labels that have honoured the work of Tenuta San Guido over the years. For decades now, the winery has demonstrated the extraordinary wine vocation of a small strip of land in Tuscany long ignored in the region's wine production.

The founder's intuition to plant Bordeaux vines in the vineyard led in 1967 to the debut on the market of the first Sassicaia label, which at the time did not enjoy any denomination, until the Bolgheri Sassicaia DOC was recognized in 1984, the only one to be born around a specific company, today among the most renowned wineries in the world.

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