ALA Antico Liquorvino Amarascato

- Sicilia

ALA Antico Liquorvino Amarascato
ALA Antico Liquorvino Amarascato

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The vigorous and decisive flavour of ALA Antico Liquorvino Amarascato wine is a concentrate of typical scents of various grapes, enhanced by the addition of alcohol that fortifies the sensations on the palate. This Duca di Salaparuta signature liqueur wine becomes the protagonist of convivial occasions where it prefers the company of chocolate-based desserts and roasted fruit in general.

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Data sheet

NameALA Antico Liquorvino Amarascato
ProducerDuca di Salaparuta
ClassificationVino liquoroso aromatizzato
Grape Varietyvarie
Sizedemi (50,0 cl)
Serving temperature12/14° C
PairingDolci a base di cioccolato e frutta tostata in genere.

More info

ALA Antico Liquorvino Amarascato is the combination designed for chocolate. It was born precisely with this intention in the mind of Duca Enrico, who wanted to pay homage to his chocolate-loving wife Sonia.

Produced from a gesture of love, Duca di Salaparuta's aromatised red wine is original and refined in the sensations it gives on tasting: fullness, warmth and intensity are defined in the notes of morello cherry and almond and in a delicately bitter finish.

Made from a selection of Sicilian red wines, it is aged in oak barrels before being aromatised with a fine infusion of morello cherry leaves. The first label of ALA Antico Liquorvino Amarascato was made in the 1920s: then, as now, it is a concentrate of pleasure for delicious moments.

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